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Fuerteventura is a place that hides unique and precious corners. This wonderful Canary Island is known for its white sand beaches, which can be enjoyed throughout the year, thanks to the good weather on the island. But there are also other places to discover, which we recommend below.

Some recommendations


The beaches of Fuerteventura are the main attraction of the island. That is why we are going to recommend some of the best. Among several unique coves such as La Corcha, Caleta del Espino or Caleta de la Guirra we find Playa del Castillo.

In this sandy area you will find all kinds of services to make your day at the beach perfect. In addition, it is ideal to go with children because it is very protected from the waves, the water covers little and it has a playground where they can have fun.


Throughout the island of Fuerteventura you can do a variety of sports. Hiking trails are very important, as are cycling tours. But trying water sports is also interesting and perfect to complete your vacation in the Canary Islands.

On many of the island's beaches you can find windsurfing, paddle surfing, surfing or kayaking courses, among many others. In this way you will enjoy the sea in a different and undoubtedly special way.


Tasting the gastronomy of Fuerteventura is mandatory for all visitors. The wrinkled potatoes with mojo, the Canarian stew or the sanchocho are some of the dishes that you cannot miss during your holidays.

There are a variety of places around the Caleta Fuste Castle where you can taste this magnificent food. Also, thanks to the leisure area, it is the ideal place to have a cocktail and enjoy the night.

Caleta de Fuste Castle

Caleta de Fuste Castle is a town in Fuerteventura known for its tourist attraction. Its beaches and golf courses are the highlights of the area.

The castle that gives its name to the town can be visited. It is located between the sandy area and the marina. Due to being the place of entry for pirates and corsairs, this defense tower was built, also known as Castillo de San Buenaventura.

Salinas del Carmen

The Salinas del Carmen are the only salt flats that are still active in Fuerteventura. With more than 26,000m² they have cookers and pits for the collection and evaporation of sea water, thus obtaining the precious salt.

Among the facilities of the Salinas you can also find a beautiful and interesting Museum. In it you will be able to know the history and particulars of this unique place. For the more daring it is also possible to become a salt man for a day.

Natural swimming pools 

A place like no other. That is what this small natural paradise transmits. It is a little known place in Castillo Caleta de Fuste, but it is certainly worth discovering and visiting. It is a natural pool located between rocks.

Although it is true that it is only appreciated when the sea is calm, this little corner is one of the most beautiful places to cool off and take a dip.

Island of Lobos

The island of Lobos is an islet located in the Bocaina Strait, northeast of Fuerteventura. Its name comes from the sea lions that used to inhabit the island in the past. It is a Natural Park, so it is fully preserved. The seabed is also protected due to its great ecological wealth.

The pass that separates Isla de los Lobos and Fuerteventura is a small channel barely 10 meters deep. Without a doubt, it is a place worth exploring and enjoying, among other things for its crystal clear waters.


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